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Currently, I still work at the theater teeth in Vietnam

Currently, I still work at the theater teeth in Vietnam ,  loss due to tooth loss, which leads to hamstring bone structure changes. Longevity of porcelain teeth is not permanent, it can only last a maximum of 10-15 years. The left side when do the porcelain crown for your teeth have to consider carefully. Porcelain crowns for dentition is a measure that many people choose to have a beautiful teeth, straight line quickly without spending too much time like braces. However, this method also has negative side if the porcelain crown is not the way that not everyone expected. The left side when the porcelain crown for the teeth. To sharpen teeth Porcelain crown is actually a method of capturing porcelain crowns on the real teeth effect does not last forever.

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You imagine that a complete tooth will have two parts and the root teeth. Under normal conditions, the tooth is under the gum and we only see the crown. When the root is exposed also means that no longer covered gums make us feel the natural tooth root length. cấy răng implant

Why natural tooth roots are long?

We need to minimize the removal of this gingival layer, so it is advisable to do a gum pull operation because the gums are resilient. In some exceptional cases, if the gingival tissue is too thick, a small fraction of the gingival tissue is removed.
– What are the remedies for patients undergoing gum disease? cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất
– Aesthetic laugh is a complex technique. Therefore, you need to choose a dentist with good doctors, skilled, equipped with modern equipment, sterile rooms … to have the best surgery.

The condition of the natural tooth root occurs when there is a drop in the gums. Gingival recession is caused by two causes simultaneously due to bone loss and tartar. The root cause is tartar.

Although no tooth loss, but if there is toothache, the bone is still decayed. Teeth are usually formed adjacent to the gingival margin that if not cleaned will go deep under the gums to relax the ligament around the gum to separate the gums. At the same time the bacteria in the tartar will go into the alveolar bone and destroy the bone that drives the digestive tract. When the bone is deflated, the gums that are not supported will also lower to reveal the root. Then we will notice the natural tooth root length and also shaken slightly. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Based on this emerging mechanism, we can see that, to overcome this situation needs to be done right from the cleaning of the tartar to completely remove the bacteria attack the bone and gum. If the tartar is cleaned prematurely, the possibility of the gum being removed will recur after a period of time. In the case of gum recession, the bone is the way to graft bone in the bone to restore the old bone. The process in this figure is not simple, so you need specific advice from your doctor when you visit.

This is an electromagnetic ultrasound that removes tartar based on the mechanism of disintegration of the tartar without damaging the enamel and gums. The teeth above and below the gums are cleaned. vietnam dentist prices

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