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 Recent years are after success teeth in Vietnam

Recent years are after success teeth in Vietnam. Gingivitis Swelling, gingivitis, appearance of pus to swell face. The more pus will spread to the muscles of the cheek area causing fibrosis. This condition lasts the hardening of muscle fibers, recurrent swelling, chronic inflammation of the cell, and deformation of the face. Food accumulation in the wisdom teeth grow in the same teeth to create conditions for bacteria to grow, long-term treatment will not cause inflammation in the gums. This is the cause of the symptoms of swelling, pain, bad breath and tight fit (cannot open mouth). This gum disease will continue to relapse and become more and more dangerous if not extracted wisdom teeth and treated in time. Checking in time Symptoms such as pain, swelling, difficulty swallowing … Many people think that it is a symptom of salivary gland inflammation, tonsillitis, mumps that do not think it is symptomatic wisdom teeth.

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What is the standard for implantation? What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

For a successful implant, your bone must meet the following criteria:

– Healthy jaw bone, hard bone, no damage, jaw bone is preserved intact;

– adequate bone size; No infection at the site of implant.

Where people with low bone density or incomplete bone implant effectiveness will not be high, it will even lead to failure. The reason is that in this case the implant pier will not stick to the jaw bone so it will not create a strong force. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

Jawbone lost so can it place the implant?

When missing teeth, the jaw bone where the teeth are lost will gradually disappear over time. The rate of bone loss depends on many different factors and is not the same for everyone. Some people get bored faster while others are slower. If you lose the teeth that implant patients immediately, it will be able to effectively prevent bone loss. However, if the bones have been cleared before implant planting, they can still grow but you will certainly encounter many difficulties. Dental tourim in Vietnam 

Implantation of the implant when the bone is more complex than the usual implant. By this time, the jaw is not enough volume as well as firmness to support the implant to help the implant firmly fixed on the jaw bone. Patients now need to perform artificial bone graft surgery. Bone grafts will have a gradual increase in bone mineral density.

If you have implanted the jaw bone, the length of treatment will be longer and the implant price will be higher if you have had dental implant just before tooth loss. So, it is advisable for you to take your time to make timely corrective measures to avoid long-term bone loss. Do not be afraid of high costs without implanting it right from the start.

You should know that if you let the condition last longer, not only the bones will be affected, but also your face will be affected, so the longer the situation is more complex and of course the cost to overcome so will also be much higher. vietnam dentist prices

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