serious yet solutions teeth in Vietnam

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What is tooth pulp?

The pulp is an association of nerves and blood vessels, located in the middle of the tooth. Tooth pulp plays a vital role in nourishing and identifying the emotions. The pulp of the teeth and crowns is covered with dentin and enamel. vietnam dentist prices

Broken tooth, infection due to a major cause:

Teeth fracture

Tooth deep in the teeth

Injury to teeth, such as severe blows to the teeth, may occur or have occurred in the past

Tooth decay is considered to be the primary cause of tooth decay. Tooth decay in the long run will destroy enamel and dentin, if not prevented, the hard tissues of the teeth will be more vulnerable and deep into the pulp. When the bacteria are attacked on the pulp, it causes infection leading to myelitis. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Treatment of the pulp is to remove the pulp, is a small fibrous tissue in the middle of the tooth. After the pulp is destroyed, sick or dead, the remaining space is cleaned, formed and filled. This procedure is to seal the canal. Treatment of the pulp helps to keep the tooth damaged rather than removed as before.

Once the marrow is infected or dead, if left untreated, it can lead to inflammation around the stalk, forming the follicle at the root of the jaw in the jaw, forming an abscess. Abscesses can damage the bone structure around the teeth and cause pain or even septicemia.

Where to get pulp: cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Broken teeth, large ruptures or tooth decay exposing the marrow, myelitis, infection.

Toothache is diminished with the level of progression and teeth may be slightly swollen.

Teeth pain or throbbing when chewing, sensitive to cold food.

Toothache continuous, spread to the head, especially at night, pain medication is not pain. After a period of time the tooth will cease to be painful due to the dead pulp and necrosis, forming the infection that can spread in the bone. In this case you still need the pulp to clean the infection, preventing the bone from being destroyed.

Appearing white pustules in the gums near the root of the teeth, the acne emerging and then disappear and then recurring like that. Pimples do not cause pain but are bad for the mouth due to infection so it is necessary to remove the pulp to remove the infection. cấy răng implant