In U board, more than half of athletes fall implant Vietnam?

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    In U board, more than half of athletes fall implant Vietnam?, for aesthetic purposes, the doctor will make a removable jaw for you to use while waiting for implants to integrate the bone. For internal teeth, your doctor usually recommends emptying, facilitating healing and bone regeneration. Intermittent jaw should be minimally used during the first 2 weeks after implant placement, and in strict accordance with the physician's instructions, to limit the failure rate of the implant. In many cases, the doctor simply needs to readjust some of the dentures you are using. So after implant, you can leave immediately with the old denture in the mouth, so simple and comfortable! Appointment: You will make an appointment for a dental implant after discussing and agreeing to a treatment plan with your doctor, and you should also be aware of the issues you are concerned about, both the cost and the payment process.


    Why do you have to recovery missing tooth by implant tooth? What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

    People who lose their teeth can make bridges or removable teeth to restore dentures. But only dental implants restore lost teeth with the following benefits for oral health:

    - Restore the structural integrity of both the crown – root

    - Implant root in the bone instead of the real root can help prevent the case of bone loss. - Gingival and lateral deflation, ensuring the stability and harmony of the bite.

    - When implanting a dental implant, the patient does not have to undergo a real tooth grinding as a bridge.

    - Implant teeth are independent, do not weight, pressure on the adjacent teeth.

    - Ensures the best pronunciation for patients. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    Outstanding pros of dental implant method

    Implants are complex and can cause complications. Therefore, Implant 3D implant technology is the way to get the best dental implant.

    Titanium pillars and porcelain teeth are baked at 1600 ° C, which makes the teeth more durable, stronger and more resistant to the force of the teeth. As a result, Implant teeth do not sparse any less physiological teeth on the jaw.

    3D imaging technology allows the implantation of specialized dental computer software, ensuring the penetration of the implant head in deep isohypertrophic bone and correlating with adjacent teeth. Allows the measurement of the compliance of the tooth post with the jaw of each patient. Thanks to that, the implant head will integrate quickly and very stable, without being eliminated or complications. Dental tourim in Vietnam

    Placement is carefully calculated in 3D analysis software, which limits the extent to which invasive procedures are more painful for patients with transplants. At the same time, support anesthesia / anesthesia assurance should be absolutely painless when transplant.

    The implant planting is carefully calculated to ensure high precision, shorten the duration of planting teeth. Stable teeth, can achieve permanent life on the jaw with the best chewing function.

    EFFICIENT IMPLANT PROTECTION Saigon Vietnam dental implants

    3D implant implantation - Dental restorations ensure long-lasting beauty. Thanks to the system of equipment - machines and surgery room one-dimensional modern, with team of over 10 experienced years in dental implant and dental material warehouse. Imported genuine, I-DENT dentistry has restored the lost teeth with aesthetic quality and chewing ability is not inferior to real teeth for many customers and patients. The following pictures will help you visualize more specifically:

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