Up but, a fairer era for the female implants in Vietnam

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    Up but, a fairer era for the female implants in Vietnam, about 8 million people are missing all of their teeth in the upper jaw or lower jaw. Dentures and conventional dentures can be very difficult to wear, chewing a challenge. The discovery of transplant technology and the advent of dental implants have changed the way that lost teeth have been treated. Dental implants improve quality of life by improving the way we chew and smile. Patients wearing dentures can now get their teeth back with a dental implant. Elements in Dental Implant Placement There are important factors for achieving success including atraumatic surgery with low-speed workouts and the experience of surgeons placing fewer than 50 implants per year with many complications.


    Bone Graft Standards is one of the factors to assess whether or not implant is available. Do you know the standard of jaw bone to transplant? The article below will clearly tell you this.

    Information about implant grafts What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

    Implant is a method of inserting implant material made of titanium into the jaw bone, where the need for new prosthetics. After a period of 1-6 months, the implant head is fixed firmly in the bone, the doctor proceeds to fix the dental porcelain up, complete treatment.

    An implant structure includes: Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    Implant: a cylinder made of titanium implanted into the jaw to replace lost teeth.

    Abutment: implant, fixation implant with porcelain crowns.

    Crown: The prosthetics act as crowns, can be metal or porcelain teeth.

    This is a modern and modern dental restoration tool. There are two basic criteria for examining the jawbone that are eligible for implants or implants: number and quality of bone.

    Number of bone and jaw bone to assess implant standard Dental tourim in Vietnam

    At present, the minimum length of the implant is 6.0mm, the smallest diameter is 3.0mm. So if the length and width of the jaw is lower than this, then bone grafts are required. To accurately determine these parameters, I-DENT Dental Center can only rely on CT3-dimensional imaging of the jaw bone and on-site analytical software. Two indexes of the jaw width of these two teeth indicate that if implant implants are required to perform bone graft.

    Quality of the jaw bone to assess implant standards

    Hounsfield (HU) is an index used to measure the rigidity of a material block. The HU index of the air is - 1000 HU, the water is 0 Hu, the dentine's 1000 HU. According to the HU index, the jaw bone is divided into four levels: D1, D2, D3, D4. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

    The best HU for implants is between D2 and D3. That is from 350 to 1250. D1 and D4 can still implant but the D4 index shows that the bone is dilated so Implant treatment doctors must be experienced. Index D1 shows that the bone is very thick, less blood vessels to nourish, so the wound time is longer.

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