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toy for autistic children, bio-active adhesive teeth in Vietnam, chewing difficulty, broken teeth or temporomandibular joint disease, … Oral hygiene In 50% of patients with oral metastases, the survival rate was very low. This is due to bad habits like smoking, drinking or betel nut eating. According to statistics, 60% of oral cancer patients are drinking alcohol and chewing betel nuts.  Its black and very scary so that the customers that come to the dental clinic are more visualized about the caries when the model is also depicted deep as the worm on. From small to large a child will always keep a thought so distorted to large and easy to be lured by the magic to penetrate deep into the skin and catch the worm long and trust In the words of these teachers do not want to dental porcelain dental care to protect the teeth but just compact is to catch worm. Instead of planting porcelain teeth, patients often find the math teacher to catch teeth rather than believe in dental science.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Taboos should be avoided when bleaching teeth
– Surface: One particular thing is the surface of the gums is not completely homogeneous with orange spots. The description described above is due to the similarity of dots on the surface of the orange peel we eat on a daily basis and the density of these dots varies on different individuals.What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

The things you should avoid to have bright white teeth are:

– Within 48 hours after tooth whitening is the period of tooth color is gradually stable, you absolutely avoid foods that can affect the color of teeth such as coffee, tea, wine, chocolate, colored fruits and citrus … During this time you can use white foods or water such as milk, water, white porridge … Note do not eat or drink the Too hot or too cold can affect enamel and you should only drink water for at least 3 hours after completing whitening for better results.

Serious dental care after bleaching teeth: to get a white teeth whitening effect is not easy, so when you have a bright white teeth you have better dental care to preserve the aesthetic value. its. Avoid these habits to harm the color of your teeth: Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

Avoid red wine or coffee as these are two foods that are very harmful to the color of the teeth.

Limit eating dark foods at least 1 month after whitening. Soups, soups, baked goods, dark chocolate can make teeth stain again

Home teeth whitening does not apply after one month of dental bleaching. Follow your doctor’s instructions to achieve better whitening results.

It is important to have a good resting diet to get the best dental health to get a firm, bright white teeth. Dental tourim in Vietnam

Do not use lipstick immediately after bleaching teeth because it can cause tooth color.

And always brush your teeth properly with a soft bristle brush twice a day and combine with flossing so that your teeth are always clean and have a nice smile.

With the above sharing, hope will help you in the care of teeth whitening as always. If you have any questions about how to safely bleach your teeth, you can contact the dental center for specific answers. Saigon Vietnam dental implants